[This entry was written late at night and posted the following day.]

Angela Bayley in the sunshine as a baby

This is me as a baby enjoying the sunshine, much as I did on Sunday 11 July 2010!

Dear All

Today has been a lovely day and I hope you have benefited from the glorious sunshine.

Like I said I would, I have spent most of the day thinking. One of the comments posted really helped me to try and understand how services respond and why. Responding to situations or problems should be done in a more balanced way as opposed to a chaotic way. I have decided to sort out my mental health problems during this crisis and then tackle work and child protection issues.

Dissociating as a response to stress

This is just a short message tonight as I’m pretty tired and need to go to bed. If I stay up I would be putting myself at risk as my episodes of dissociating are on the increase and the hours go by and once I become fully oriented I find it difficult to recall anything. My psychiatrist wants me back in hospital today so the staff can record the episodes of dissociation. My named nurse has said what I am doing is a response to stress and will pass.

Thank you for your comments!

Today I received several  blog entry comments. Thank you everyone who has visited my site and left comments!  It means so much to me and the advice I have been given so far is very interesting and useful.

I will blog again tomorrow.

Good night and sleep well.

Love and best wishes

Angela x