I am a mother, paramedic and union representative who writes under the name “Angela Bayley”. I am also a survivor of sexual abuse, which I suffered both as a child (at the hands of a family friend, a teacher, a care home worker and a foster father) and as an adult, at the hands of a colleague.  This last experience woke buried memories of what I had gone through as a child. What happened before and after this key event forms the subject of my biography, originally published as Disruptive and now updated as the ebook Please Believe Me.

For years I have fought for justice and my sanity in the face of what at times has seemed like a determined attempt by the authorities to break me.  I have won many battles along the way, only to run up against a loophole in the law which allows local authorities to avoid responsibility for the actions of foster parents, even though they choose and subsidise these people.  This makes it difficult for people abused by foster parents to get adequate compensation.  The same loophole potentially affects many of Jimmy Savile’s victims (to whom, ironically, I happened to write as a sexually abused child, asking him to fix things for me!)

I am campaigning for the law to be changed under the banner “Save Our Survivors“.  The proposed change to legislation is called ‘Angela’s Law’ You’ll find a link to a petition about this on this page.

My story has been praised by several institutions, including NAPAC (the National Association for People Abused in Childhood), to whom I am donating 20 pence for every copy sold.  You can buy it on Amazon.