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Worksop Guardian article on Angela Bayley

This is how the Worksop Guardian covered my story. Please click on the picture to read the article.

I am very pleased with this article by Hayley Gallimore in the Worksop Guardian on my campaign and book.

I hope many people will read it and then my book, Please Believe Me, and then, most importantly, sign the petition to get the law changed.  As the article points out, we (the Save Our Survivors campaigners) are calling the change in legislation we are seeking, ‘Angela’s Law’.

Many thanks to journalist Hayley Gallimore, as well as to the those mentioned in the article:  John Mann MP, Adele Mumby and Peter Saunders of NAPAC.  It’s wonderful to have such people campaigning alongside me.

The Cover of 'Please Believe Me'

An updated version of my biography is now available!

Please believe me:  how institutions and the law failed a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. And how she aims to ‘fix it’.

Please see my new website for full details of the new ebook version of my biography, which has just been published, and my campaign to close a loophole in the law.  Please sign my petition for Angela’s Law.

You can also view a letter I wrote to Jimmy Savile, now revealed as a serial child-abuser, asking him to ‘fix it’ for me, when I was an abused 11-year-old. Fortunately, he did not answer!

Twenty pence from every copy of this ebook sold will go to NAPAC, and it’s less than £3 a copy!  You can read it on practically any computer, tablet or smart phone device!