Hi, everyone.

I thought it was time I should let you all know how things are and what I have been doing since we last spoke.

Since my discharge from hospital I have been concentrating on getting back to normal, spending time with my family and concentrating on getting back to work.

Social services have been hovering in the background. I initially decided to refuse contact with them but when I was informed that if I didn’t comply with the ludicrous child protection plan the longer the process would be and the department would disrupt the girls at school and college in order to see them. I met with the two social workers assigned to us and agreed we would see them as a family. I didn’t make it too easy for them, though. I decided that if they wanted to see us then they would have to come to the house when we were all together during the evening when it was convenient for everyone.


The social workers finally met Andrew, and spoke to the girls individually. The social workers came across as such hypocrites as they said the girls were lovely and a credit to us and then in the next breath said they had to do a parenting assessment. Absolute madness! …As well as a complete waste of time and resources. After being a parent for nearly eighteen years, assessing my parenting skills now is surely farcical.

A bigoted teacher

I don’t think social services realise the disruption and distress they are causing the family. Since their involvement the girls have suffered humiliation as the department have been in touch with their schools and they have been taken out of lessons for welfare checks. Teenagers are easily embarrassed and find it difficult to explain to their peers such things as child protection etc. Andrew and I have experienced prejudice and judgemental attitudes. For exampl, a teacher at Jenifer’s school spoke to me the first time last Monday and was really pleasant and helpful. I spoke to the teacher again on Thursday and her attitude towards me was disgusting. She was rude and made various cruel references about Jenifer being on a child protection plan. She also refused to help Jenifer with her dyslexia and said, “Families like yours tend to use such things as dyslexia to explain the child’s difficulty when in fact they are not dyslexic and it turns out to be the parents that have the problem.” I was horrified and, to be honest, I’m not sure what to do apart from write a letter of complaint and try to ignore such ignorance.

Hoops to jump through

I’ve had a meeting with occupational health and on Tuesday I’m meeting with the occupational health consultant and my psychiatrist to discuss if I can return to work and, if so, what hoops I will have to jump through. I will keep you posted on how I get on.

Wherever Notts County Council is, there is trouble

Other than what I’ve reported so far, and doing the school runs, I’ve been spending my time helping Laura with her application for medical school and supporting her in her second year of college. I have also been looking after Jenifer, taking her to hospital appointments and physio sessions. She suffers with joint hypermobility and experiences a lot of pain. Like Laura, I have also been supporting her get back to school and with her studies as she is in her final GCSE year. I just wish the school would help too. It just seems that wherever Notts County Council is there is trouble, and I seem to be battling with them.

I’ve tried to focus my attention on positive things such as planning Jenifer’s 16th birthday party, decorating Laura’s bedroom and planning a trip to Scotland in October. Laura and I have also joined a health spa and gym, and Andrew and I have spent some good time together too.

Case progressing well

Finally, you may be interested to know that my case against NCC is progressing well. I’ve been assured that it will be either settled by the end of this year or early next year. Since my solicitor has requested one of my abuser’s personal employment files the defendants have gone very quiet. My solicitor is going to serve notice on them next week which may cause some rumblings. I will be relieved when the case is over so I can complete a second book.

I will be in touch at the end of next week.

Bye for now.

Love and best wishes

Angela x